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Friday, 9 March 2018

Stitching on card modern pink and green geometric leaf design.

Why I prefer contemporary paper embroidery patterns.

I admire the skill of traditional embroidery but the honest truth is.... " I don't want it in a dusty old hoop hanging on my wall".

No matter how modern the subject matter is it would always reminds me of something my Grandmother had made.

I've tried to like old rustic stuff but to me rustic means 'broken and scruffy' and when someone says the word 'patina' to me my brain interprets it as 'dirty'. I can't help it, I like clean, new and shiny.

I'm a modernist and a minimalist. I can't stand clutter, wonkiness and fussiness. Fine art classes at art college were hell for me.

Pink and green leaf art print embellished with embroidery.

Developing my own embroidery design style.

I've battled for a long time to develop a style of design that was all about me. It didn't matter about it's commercial value I had to like it and be able to put it on my wall.

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram looking at loads of other peoples 'design styles' and when I eventually started been honest with myself it was always the simple linear architectural styles that I found the most appealing. This is completely reflected in my prefered style of house. I've never understood the obsession with wanting to live in a quaint rustic country cottage with it's low ceilings, tiny windows and dark dusty corners. For me it's all about straight, plain walls, big windows and bright open spaces. I own an ugly 1970's rectangular bungalow with more windows than a building inspector would allow nowadays and I love it.

People have a pre conceived idea that an embroidery pattern should be something cute stitched onto a piece of fabric using lots of complex traditional stitches and display in a hoop. I just couldn't design something like that. I need symmetry, balance and parallel lines. 

This was my first experimental piece of what I consider contemporary embroidered paper art. I don't know if it will ever be a commercial success but I like it.

It's a symmetrical leaf and it's big and it's very pink.

Embroidered modern leaf art work by Judith Drew of Stitching Pictures.

Paper embroidery big pink leaf pattern from Stitching Pictures.

Symmetrical printed minimalist leaf design with stitched detail.

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