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Free stitching on card A4 instructions

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Stitching on card paper embroidery alphabet patterns to create word art, initials and names for your home.

Stitching Pictures alphabet embroidery on card letters for word art and initials.

Stitching Pictures A4 alphabet and ampersand stitching on card paper embroidery patterns to download, print and stitch.

Individual letters of the alphabet or a set of two letters of your choice plus an ampersand can be purchased to create words, phrases, initials, monograms and names. The letters have a shadow effect and a grey textured effect background. The designs can be stitched in four embroidery thread colours of your choice to suit your tastes or home decor.

Make embroidered typography words and names with any number of letters to frame and display in your home. You can create word art for your living room, bedroom, office, hall or study. I love the idea of the word RELAX for a living room or bedroom.

Studio office work room typography art to print stitch and frame.

Create the word 'sew' to personalise your sewing studio or craft room.

Stitching on card embroidery print and stitch pattern initials for baby nursery wall decoration

Stitch any of the letters of the alphabet using colourful threads to create initials and monograms to decorate the nursery wall or to give as a new baby gift.

Letters of the alphabet embroidery patterns for initial and word art.

The design is made using ladders of parallel horizontal straight stitches that create wide vertical stripes. You will need Anchor Pearl cotton #8 single strand embroidery threads in a maximum of four coordinating or contrasting colours. All my samples use four colours but you could choose to use two colours.

Wedding gift ampersand stitching on card embroidery pattern to download and print.

The ampersand can be used on it's own to make an minimalist piece of mixed media (print and stitch) modern art work, or used as part of a set of initials.

Letters of the alphabet embroidery patterns to stitch onto card.

I've stitched my samples with stripes of red, green, yellow and blue.

Handmade wedding, partnership or engagement gift for couples.

Create a couples initials with the ampersand as a wedding, engagement or partnership gift.

Instant download A4 PDF letters, ampersand stitching on card embroidery pattern to download and print.

A three page A4 PDF download is supplied that includes the design,suggested thread colour codes and how to display your finished paper embroidered art work. You will also need to download the free Stitching Pictures instructions.

Above is a close up sample of the letter A pattern, not to scale.

To purchase this embroidery on card prick and stitch pattern from Stitching Pictures click the button below, these designs are not currently available in my Payhip shop.

Striped alphabet stitching on card paper embroidery pattern from Stitching Pictures.

This pattern was first published on Etsy 24/12/2017.
© Judith Drew, Stitching Pictures.