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Free stitching on card A4 instructions

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Stitching on card paper embroidery pattern, teal and brown geometric mandala flower.

Contemporary paper embroidery stitching on card teal and brown mandala flower pattern for you to print, stitch and frame at home.

Stitching Pictures printable paper embroidery pattern to stitch onto card
Stitching Pictures teal and bronze modern geometric mandala flower in a simple black frame.
This pattern measures 20 x 20 cm. The modern geometric flower is printed in teal blue and brown that can almost be called bronze. Each petal has a highlight that runs from the outside to the centre that gives the design a three dimensional slightly metallic quality. It's a simple but very striking design and makes a lovely piece of contemporary framed embroidered wall art for your home.

Stitch onto printed card to make modern art to match your home decor.
Modern geometric mandala flower stitching on card embroidery pattern.
The embroidery stitches are all set 3 mm apart and all sit parallel to each other. The stitches and pricking holes follow the contours of the petals. To stitch this pattern you will need Anchor Pearl number 8 single strand embroidery threads in teal, code number 169 and brown, code number 365. Other makes of single strand threads can be used as long as they are similar colours and thickness.

How to stitch a modern mandala flower pattern onto printed card.

You will receive a four page A4 PDF download that includes a list of required materials, pricking and stitching instructions and the design. The Stitching Pictures instructions are free to download.

Printed modern mandala flower pattern embellished with embroidery stitches.
Close up of the pricked holes in the card and the stitches on the petals.
This close up shows how perfectly the pricking holes and stitches follow the contours of the printed petals on the design.

Paper embroidery star stitch pattern stitched onto card.
Close up of the centre of the mandala flower.
The centre of the design is stitched with an overlapping star stitch in the teal thread.

Stitching Pictures paper embroidery stitching on card patterns by Judith Drew.
Stitching Pictures paper embroidery pattern sample, not to scale.
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Printable prick and stitch embroidery on card mandala flower pattern from Stitching Pictures.

Teal and brown geometric flower mandala stitching on card paper embroidery pattern from Stitching Pictures.

This pattern was first published on Etsy and Payhip 09/03/2018
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