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Free stitching on card A4 instructions

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Try paper embroidery for free with this set of four mini mandala print and stitch patterns.

Free mini mandala print and stitch paper embroidery pattern set.

Stitching on card or paper embroidery is a traditional craft that started during Victorian times when ladies would embroider patterns onto perforated or punched paper. The craft had a revival in the 1990's when Dutch designer Erica Fortgens published a book about Embroidery on paper. The craft slowly grew in popularity towards the end of the twentieth century but the selection of designs available was limited to traditional style curve stitch patterns with cute animals and flowers.

I was first introduced to it by my Mother in law who regularly sent me beautifully embroidered cards using patterns that she'd purchased from the Stitching Cards company.

Move forwards to 2019 and a search for Paper Embroidery on Instagram will introduce you to a whole new generation of artists and designers that have embraced the art of paper stitching and given it a thoroughly modern make over. I like to think I'm one of those innovative artists whose taken a traditional craft and given it my own modern twist. My twist is the introduction of a digitally produced bold colourful printed background with every stitch carefully placed to enhance the print.

To have a go at my style of paper embroidery click the links at the bottom of this post to download a my free set of four square card mini mandala patterns.

The card squares measure 6.35 cm / 2½ inch square. Each card has a different mini mandala design in pink, yellow, blue and teal. You will need Anchor pearl #8 single strand embroidery threads in pink (colour code 054) and yellow (colour code 291). Other makes of thread can be used as long as they are of a similar colour.

Stitching pictures mini mandala paper embroidery pattern on a square greetings card.

Set of greetings cards with stitching on card mini mandala patterns.

The patterns are the perfect size for making a set of colourful  hand stitched card fronts.

Letters of the alphabet embroidery patterns for initial and word art.

The finished embroidered paper patterns can be displayed as a set in a 10 inch square frame or individually in mini square frames.

Wedding gift ampersand stitching on card embroidery pattern to download and print.

For more instructions about stitching on card you will also need to download the free Stitching Pictures instructions. Links at the top of this page.

The pattern is supplied in A4 and Letter size to suit all printers. Please select from the buttons below. The downloads are stored at Dropbox. If you haven't got a Dropbox account it will ask you to open one, you don't need to. Simply click the X at the top of the box to close it and the PDF download will open for you.

A4 Mini mandala set stitching on card paper embroidery patterns from Stitching Pictures.

Letter size Mini mandala set stitching on card paper embroidery patterns from Stitching Pictures.

This pattern was first published 10/01/19.
© Judith Drew, Stitching Pictures.