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Free stitching on card A4 instructions

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Try paper embroidery for free with this set of four mini mandala print and stitch patterns.

Free mini mandala print and stitch paper embroidery pattern set.

Stitching on card or paper embroidery is a traditional craft that started during Victorian times when ladies would embroider patterns onto perforated or punched paper. The craft had a revival in the 1990's when Dutch designer Erica Fortgens published a book about Embroidery on paper. The craft slowly grew in popularity towards the end of the twentieth century but the selection of designs available was limited to traditional style curve stitch patterns with cute animals and flowers.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Stitching on card paper embroidery alphabet patterns to create word art, initials and names for your home.

Stitching Pictures alphabet embroidery on card letters for word art and initials.

Stitching Pictures A4 alphabet and ampersand stitching on card paper embroidery patterns to download, print and stitch.

Individual letters of the alphabet or a set of two letters of your choice plus an ampersand can be purchased to create words, phrases, initials, monograms and names. The letters have a shadow effect and a grey textured effect background. The designs can be stitched in four embroidery thread colours of your choice to suit your tastes or home decor.

Make embroidered typography words and names with any number of letters to frame and display in your home. You can create word art for your living room, bedroom, office, hall or study. I love the idea of the word RELAX for a living room or bedroom.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Set of three contemporary embroidery on card monochrome shadow effect print and stitch spiral designs.

Stitching on card paper embroidery patterns from Stitching Pictures geometric spirals black, grey and white.

Quick and easy to download, print and stitch. A set of three geometric monochrome stitching on card patterns from Stitching Pictures to create contemporary embroidered mixed media art work for your home.

Set of three geometric monochrome spiral designs displayed in black frames.

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Stitching on card paper embroidery pattern, teal and brown geometric mandala flower.

Contemporary paper embroidery stitching on card teal and brown mandala flower pattern for you to print, stitch and frame at home.

Stitching Pictures printable paper embroidery pattern to stitch onto card
Stitching Pictures teal and bronze modern geometric mandala flower in a simple black frame.
This pattern measures 20 x 20 cm. The modern geometric flower is printed in teal blue and brown that can almost be called bronze. Each petal has a highlight that runs from the outside to the centre that gives the design a three dimensional slightly metallic quality. It's a simple but very striking design and makes a lovely piece of contemporary framed embroidered wall art for your home.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Stitching on card modern pink and green geometric leaf design.

Why I prefer contemporary paper embroidery patterns.

I admire the skill of traditional embroidery but the honest truth is.... " I don't want it in a dusty old hoop hanging on my wall".

No matter how modern the subject matter is it would always reminds me of something my Grandmother had made.

I've tried to like old rustic stuff but to me rustic means 'broken and scruffy' and when someone says the word 'patina' to me my brain interprets it as 'dirty'. I can't help it, I like clean, new and shiny.

I'm a modernist and a minimalist. I can't stand clutter, wonkiness and fussiness. Fine art classes at art college were hell for me.

Pink and green leaf art print embellished with embroidery.